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Screensaver, “No Movement”

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Forming in Perth, Australia in 1978 and operating for just shy of 10 years in a series of fits and starts accompanied by line-up and locale changes, the Scientists nevertheless carved out a distinct place for themselves in the punk pantheon. From the band’s initial slabs of garage pop to the primal swamp rock of the band’s primary line-up to the rock deconstruction of its …

Joe Strummer

As much as music has always meant to me, I’ve never been one to get too emotional over the passings of the people who make it. (Unless, it’s someone I

Arab Strap

Arab Strap

When Arab Strap disbanded in 2006 after playing a series of farewell shows, it appeared to be the last we would ever hear from the Scottish duo. Sure, singer Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton would resurface as solo artists making records under their birth names and other guises, but such endeavors seemed like only added nails to the coffin.

Moffat and Middleton had emerged as …

Arab Strap
As Days Get Dark

Someone once said that suffering breeds great art, but I wonder what they would have made of a year spent dealing with a global pandemic. For 20 years

The Agit Reader Top 10 of 2020

To put it bluntly, 2020 can suck it. There have been few years that have been so catastrophic to so many people as this past year. If the coronavirus pandemic and the hell that it wrought weren’t enough, we also had to endure police brutality of an unprecedented level and the trashfire that occupied the White House and threatened to undermine our democratic process this …

EELS, “Are We Alright Again”

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Adulkt Life
Book of Curses

With the band including members of Huggy Bear and Male Bonding, it’s hard not to have high expectations for the debut album from Adulkt Life, Book of Curses

Orchestra Baobab
Specialist in All Styles

Begun 50 years ago, when the shrewd owner of Club Baobab (so named because it was built around a baobab tree) in Dakar poached members of the house

Is This Real?

Still several years before it became a hipster utopia worthy of it own sketch comedy TV show, I moved to Portland on a whim from New York City. It only took

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