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Various Artists
Tiny Changes: A Celebration of The Midnight Organ Fight

Longtime Agit readers will know that we fell in love with Frightened Rabbit via the Scottish band’s second album, 2008’s The



Born in 2014 as a continuation of sorts of the ideas singer Dan Boeckner was exploring in the Handsome Furs, Operators has developed its own set of aesthetics and a sound as distinctive as any of Boeckner’s other previous projects (Wolf Parade, Divine Fits). While Operators rely on a largely electronic palette, there is nevertheless no shortage of human emotion in what they create. As …

Dead Kennedys

While the reunion of the Dead Kennedys without singer and figurehead Jello Biafra has perhaps sullied the band’s legacy, there is no denying that the band

Aldous Harding

As she revealed on her breakthrough sophomore album, Party, Aldous Harding is an artist capable of shapeshifting not only track to track, but at times

The Flesh Eaters
Bowery Ballroom, New York, March 17

Although the Flesh Eaters existed intermittently in many forms over the decades, they no doubt remain best remembered

The Goon Sax
Alphaville, Brooklyn, October 25

There are those that say youth is wasted on the young, but then those armchair philosophers obviously don’t get it. They certainly aren’t the types

The Lost Record

As the frontman of such acts as Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War, and more, Ian Svenonius has never shied away from melding high concept with

House of Vans, Brooklyn, June 30

While life in the big city of New York can be frequently challenging, there are certain things that make you pause and remember why it’s still an incredible place

Warsaw, Brooklyn, June 28

Existing for just two short years (from 1982 to 1984), Tones on Tail were a brilliant flash in the pan. Consisting of former Bauhaus members Daniel Ash and

Depeche Mode
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, June 6

There aren’t a lot of bands that can fill an arena then make it seem like you wouldn’t want to see them in anything smaller. Depeche Mode is one of

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