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Anger Is a Gift (and So Is Sadness)

Music is about emotion, but metal music is best when plummeting the depths of emotions that some feel are unwanted, unhealthy, or just best kept to one's self. Pyrrhon is about

Pagan Altar
Room of Shadows

The story of Pagan Altar is so heartbreaking even the Biblical Job would have questioned what they did to deserve all of the tragedies that befell the group

Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, August 26

Bands such as Bölzer, underground black metal duos that record for niche labels based out of foreign lands, are not supposed to

For the Sake of Heaviness
by Brian Slagel with Mark Eglinton

There are a few metal compilations that exist in deified air, usually for being ground zero of a particular scene. Witness Metal for

Union Transfer, Philadelphia, August 7

In 2003, Neurosis performed in Philadelphia, headlining Relapse Records’ Contamination Festival. It was noted even way back

Metal By Any Other Name

Encyclopedia Metallum is an excellent resource for all things metal—except when it’s not. While the website does a fantastic job cataloging more than 100,000 bands (and

The Fillmore, Philadelphia, July 20

If you had a dollar for every disparaging word posted on the internet about Ghost, you could retire a very wealthy person. Factor in legitimate concerns over


Listening to Burst, it’s not that shocking that Brutus begin life as a Refused cover band. The Belgian trio emulates the standard bearing Shape of Punk

Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, July 16

Tonight’s opening bands encapsulated both extremes of the noise spectrum, starting with the local Mob Terror, who merge equal

Grind! Sludge! Doom!
All the Good Things!

The Foundry is a smaller room upstairs from The Fillmore, part of a corporate complex of Live Nation venues including a comedy club. This tour stop just

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