Mar 152013

Thursday was a very walkie day! My poor little feet! Days like this you realize how small (and how big!) the city really is.

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister at the Flat Stock Stage

The Lone Bellow on the afternoon Pandora stage

My buddy Tom Brislin who is working at the Casio stand in the gear room.

A guy plays on a bus

Amanda Palmer organized a ninja gig at the Scottish Rite theater about two miles north of where the rest of the action is. I actually wrote a completely separate blog about this event.

A guy plays on a very heavy looking piano out on the street.

Night Beds at Red 7


Semi Prescious Weapons at The Main


I think I want to name this photo, “tired southby”

I wonder if people are mad the Daft Punk show never happened?

Today I am looking forward to the Divine Fits on the Radio Day Stage at noon and immediately following them Emmylou Harris will play a short set. (Also at 5pm Vampire Weekend will play but I don’t think I’ll still be around. Alt-J will be playing at Waterloo at 1pm, my buddy’s band Cobolt will be at Haddingtons at 3 and Diego Garcia (from Elefant) will be at Patagonia at 5pm. Also around those times are San Cisco playing Maggie Maes at 3pm followed by Hey Merselles. The Paste lineup today is fantastic. Starting at 4 with the Zombies then The 1975, followed by Billy Bragg and then Amanda Palmer! This will be your last change at SXSW see her. The Paste show will be at the Stages on 6th.
Tonight I won the SXSW official ticket raffle to see Green Day at ACL, but I could also wait in a very long line and attempt to see Depeche Mode at Brazos! I might skip the big shows and go to Lustre Pearl for Frightened Rabbit at 6, Small Black at 9 and DIIV at 10 (even though they already did their “fuck you SXSW.” I’m looking for the SPIN article I read yesterday but no luck.
Then finally Matt Nathanson is playing at 11 at Vice Bar.
Stay cool!

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