Mar 142014

The Strypes play at the Swan Dive

A photographer’s dream panel. Legendary photographers from the 1970s and forward talk about how they capture the perfect portrait. Bob Gruen, BP Fallon, Ken Weinstein (not a photographer, but a man who hires photographers), Lynn Goldsmith, Piper Ferguson. The panel was rife with technical problems and you can see the techs here still scrambling around to make everything work.


Agit Reader associate editor Kevin Elliott with his band Connections!


Superego records a live podcast at Esther’s Follies

The media mess near the Mohawk, where the devastating drunk driving accident happened the evening before. Every Austin venue had a moment of silence at midnight in memory of the victims.

Comedian Hannibal Burress performs at Esther’s Follies.

TJ Miller

Amanda X at Beerland

Amanda X

Nina Nesbit at Swan Dive

Jeremy Messersmith at Swan Dive


The Strypes from Ireland at Swan Dive. I think these kids are 12.

The Strypes. Right after this photo I was shoved by a video cameraman into the photographer behind me. When I looked back to apologize I see I was shoved into the legendary photographer Bob Gruen, who I had seen in his panel just this afternoon. Obviously, I soon move out of his way, because who would want to be blocking Bob Gruen’s view.

Merchandise at Cheer Up Charlie’s.

Baptist Generals at Cheer Up Charlie’s inside.


Future Islands back on the outside stage.

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