Mar 172013

The Hush Sound at Dirty Dog Bar

I type this back in Ohio and 35 degree highs. Saturday was my last day at SXSW. The day kind of became, “Do I spend all afternoon in the Smashing Pumpkins line (my favorite band, if you don’t know me) or do I see very many other bands?” I chose the latter, which turned out to be a great decision because I ran into a girl later who said she had chosen the first option and didn’t even get in. The line was three blocks long by the time I walked by at 5pm. Good for the Pumpkins, bad for me. But I saw some other awesome bands otherwise. Continue reading »

Mar 162013

Today’s post includes photos of Amanda Palmer, (because how could one of my posts this week not?) Divine Fits, Emmilou Harris, Billy Bragg, Livids, Matt Nathanson, Butch Walker and more!
Only one comment, more people down here should think about attending the music panels. I know Interactive is where it’s at but people are missing some really interesting stuff! The panels I attended Friday morning weren’t even half full and were all amazing.
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Mar 142013

What a busy day! As always, I started the morning with a clear plan for the day which was immediately destroyed. Thankfully my first planned event was not something for which I had to wake up at 8am. (I’m looking at you Nick Cave!)

This post will include photos of Amanda Palmer, Jared Leto, Jim James, Nerdist, Nick Cave, Heartless Bastards, Black Angels, Young Galaxy, and Hurray For the Riff Raff.

I began my morning with Amanda Palmer, who I was not stalking today, and her awesome panel made up of people from Girlie Action, some of the nicest PR people I’ve ever dealt with, Kickstarter, and others who were involved with her madly successful campaign for producing and releasing her last album.

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Mar 132013

My plan, mentioned yesterday, of following Amanda Palmer worked a little too well. We both attended A Conversation with Nick Cave in the Convention Center. Then, 20 minutes later, I nearly tripped her in the Starbucks down the street. (I don’t even like Starbucks! If there are any other coffee shop options in Austin, please let me know.) Finally, I saw Palmer at the interview she was doing with Paste, my only planned interaction of the day.

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