Kevin J. Elliott

Mar 152014
The Friday Recap

Is it too big? Is it too much for the city of Austin to handle? I feel I’m not one to comment, not living here and all, but I’d love to be able to stick around to read all the op-ed pieces either trumpeting the efforts of this city to keep it safe, clean, and running like a clock or damning the chaos that ensues. Every corner and crevice of every avenue is covered and [...]

Mar 142014
The Thursday Recap

It’s been almost eight years since Swearing at Motorists performed at South By Southwest, but I can remember a time when Dave Doughman was the self-proclaimed mayor of SXSW—and he owned that title. The prodigal son returned from exile to try and conquer the festival again. He epitomizes everything that made the festival great in the past: showmanship, ingenuity, humility, self-promotion. It made sense that the day began at Side Bar to see his first [...]

Mar 132014
The Wednesday Recap

I’m two years removed from my last time at South By Southwest. Of course, it’s easy to remark at how things have changed. For better or for worse is still up for debate, but things have changed. The east was where one went to snag cheap beer, now it’s another arm of Austin’s ever-expanding bohemian paradise. Still weird? In spots. Still navigable? Somewhat. It’s not a gripe, just an observation. It’s become “everything” for “everyone,” [...]

Mar 162011
Get Reacquainted with Times New Viking

It’s been two years since Times New Viking have made the mad dash down to Austin. This week they’re back to hawk their upcoming release for Merge Records, Dancer Equired, coming April 26th, in typical multi-day, multi-show fashion. If for some reason you’ve chosen to get off of their wagon since 2008′s Rip It Off, it’s time to get reacquainted. Dancer Equired is not only the trio’s finest release yet, it’s also surprisingly clean and lucid compared [...]

Mar 152011
CSTB Christens SXSW at Beerland

SXSW doesn’t truly begin until the legendary dive Beerland opens its door for four days of free-for-all (no badge required) punk shows of the fest’s highest quality. You can go ahead and read our dispatches from previous years and see that Beerland is a regular haunt. Per usual, Gerard Cosloy’s crass sports blog, Can’t Stop the Bleeding, hosts SXSW’s first required show Wednesday. Cosloy, head of Matador Records and heralded Austinite, hand picks some of [...]