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The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain

It’s hard to think of a band in the last 40 years that has been more incendiary than The Jesus and Mary Chain. After making their way from East Kilbride (Scotland) to London, they became infamous for gigs that often ended in riots. However, it was their music that was truly arresting. After first putting out a single on the legendary Creation label, they released …

The Kills
Newport Music Hall, Columbus, February 18

It had been more than 20 years since I had seen The Kills first play Columbus to about 40 people, but as they launched into “Kissy Kissy,”

The Agit Reader Top 10 of 2023

It never ceases to surprise me when I come across someone with the notion that there isn’t new music worth hearing these days. As much as I can appreciate the cynicism, the idea that pop music, for lack of a better term, peaked years ago is ridiculous. I get it: the kids have it easy these days, whereas we had to walk several miles barefoot …

Nick Cave
KeyBank State Theatre, Cleveland, September 25

Sitting in a movie theater watching Mutiny in Heaven, the recently released Birthday Party documentary, it was hard to believe that

A&R Music Bar, Columbus, September 15

Over the course of nearly 20 years and four albums, LA quartet Warpaint has continuously refined its mix of shimmery shoegaze

Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, and Bully
KEMBA Live, Columbus, June 12

Having endured torrential rains and five-plus hours of driving to see The Cure at the Blossom Music Center near Cleveland just the night before, I wasn’t sure I was

Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods

Since teaming up in 2009, vocalist Jason Williamson and musical brain trust Andrew Fearn, a.k.a. Sleaford Mods, have carved out their own niche. Theirs is an idiosyncratic mix of grimy hip-hop and electronic post-punk minimalism laced with invective lyrics that touch on such subjects as class, politics, musical voyeurism, and personal relations. Recorded during the pandemic times of 2021, the band’s eighth album (if you …

The Agit Reader Top 10 of 2022

If 2021 largely felt like a repeat of 2020, then 2022 by contrast was when we returned to some semblance of normalcy. Sure, COVID didn't go away, but workers returned to offices

Spoon and Interpol
Kemba Live, Columbus, August 30

Despite sharing the same label (Matador Records), the pairing of Spoon and Interpol would seem to make for strange bedfellows, let alone a

The Cult
Rose Music Center, Huber Heights, July 15

Surveying the crowd gathered for The Cult’s stop on its We Own the Night Tour in Huber Heights, Ohio, it was clear that the band’s

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