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Orchestra Baobab
Specialist in All Styles

Begun 50 years ago, when the shrewd owner of Club Baobab (so named because it was built around a baobab tree) in Dakar poached members of the house

Tobin Sprout, “Every Sweet Soul”

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Is This Real?

Still several years before it became a hipster utopia worthy of it own sketch comedy TV show, I moved to Portland on a whim from New York City. It only took

Guided By Voices
Livestream, July 17

These are strange times we are living in, with the coronavirus having affected nearly every aspect of human existence across the globe. Live music has

Close Lobsters

Though their jangly guitars and penchant for pop melodies bore some of the hallmarks of the so-called C86 sound, more than anything else what united the Close Lobsters with the other acts on the NME’s legendary cassette compilation was an ethos of self-made ingenuity. Born in the Scottish town of Paisley (about 10 miles east of Glasgow) in 1985 out of a surprisingly thriving punk …

Dias Raros

Melenas, which translates roughly to “heads of hair,” are an all-female quartet hailing from Pamplona, Spain (yep, of bulls running through the streets fame)

Pere Ubu

David Thomas of Pere Ubu

We’ve interviewed dozens of artists here on The Agit Reader, some more than once, and there’s no one that we have spoken to more frequently than Pere Ubu’s David Thomas. While we no doubt have a soft spot for fellow Ohioans, this fact is more a reflection of Thomas’ unwavering ability to create music that is always challenging and enthralling, not only with Pere …

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Trash Kit
The Lexington, London, February 14

If you don’t go in for overpriced meals and cliched gestures, a good place to have spent Valentine’s Day this year would have been at The

Mind Hive

If Wire had called it a day after releasing their first three seminal records (which they supposedly had at the time), it would have been enough to cement

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

While to mainstream audiences Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (a.k.a. OMD) may forever be remembered simply for “If You Leave,” their big U.S.

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