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The Punishment of Luxury

Of all the many reunions in recent years, perhaps the most pleasantly successful has been that of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (a.k.a. OMD). Successful

Various Artists
Silhouettes & Statues

As I was reminded recently when I saw someone wearing black lipstick and black clothes reading a book called So Sad Today on the subway, it’s possible to be

Weather Diaries

At this point, there are few bands whose reunions would completely shock me. We’re currently living in the golden age of bands getting back together, where past

BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits Forever

Like fellow Scots The Vaselines, whose Eugene Kelly was once a member and whose Francis McKee was in principal Bandit Duglas Stewart’s prior



While Bauhaus has enjoyed the cult following that comes with being seen as goth figureheads and Love and Rockets the spoils that go along with a Top 10 hit (“So Alive”), despite having what has become a fixture of alternative club nights the world over (“Go!”), Tones on Tail has never enjoyed the degree of notoriety as the bands that preceded and followed it. Formed …

Big Gold Dream

For a country with a population just under 5.5 million, Scotland has perhaps produced more astonishing music per capita than any other locale. Cocteau Twins, The Jesus

Mark Mulcahy
The Possum in the Driveway

With reunions by Miracle Legion and Polaris during the past few years, as well as a tribute album featuring such big names as Radiohead and Michael


Of all the bands of the shoegaze era, Slowdive was the one that seemed to never quite live up to its full potential. Sure, records like the band’s sophomore

The Wedding Present
The Bell House, Brooklyn, April 15

There was a period of time around the turn of the last century when the Wedding Present ceased to exist. Sure, frontman David Gedge was still making music

Boss Hog

Boss Hog

It’s been 17 years since Boss Hog put out a record, and although a lot has changed during that time, you might not know it by listening to the new album. Named after a strain of cicada that also only reappears every 17 years, Brood X (In the Red Records) doesn’t sound like the work of a band that’s been lying dormant for nearly two …

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