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The Feelies

The Feelies

When I last spoke to Feelies guitarist and singer Glenn Mercer and percussionist Dave Weckerman nearly eight years ago, the New Jersey band had just reconvened after a 17-year hiatus. Aside from a gig at the now …

Mark Eitzel
Hey Mr. Ferryman

There are many reasons not to be one of the minority who voted for the Cheeto currently occupying the White House. Besides it being a clear indicator of

Staff Picks of 2016: Stephen Slaybaugh

I’ve already mentioned the many things that made 2016 one of the worst years in a long time—and I didn’t even mention the Cleveland Indians losing the World Series. If you’re like me, music has always been…

Top 10 Reissues of 2016

White Zombie
It Came from NYC
Numero Group

Vocalist Rob Zombie and bassist Sean Yseult churned through five guitarists and two drummers during the band’s initial four years which are covered on this meticulous…

Arab Strap
Arab Strap

It’s been 10 years since Arab Strap called it quits, and it’s probably safe to say that, at least on this side of the pond, there hasn’t been an increased interest in the

by Lol Tolhurst

Growing up in the ’80s, being a fan of The Cure meant marking yourself as an outsider. Even though by the time the band put out the stellar Head on the



It’s been said before in these virtual pages, but we are living in an age where everything old is new again. Indeed, it’s telling that in 2015, reissues and downloads of old music outsold new music for the first…

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Röyksopp (featuring Susanne Sundfør), “Never Ever”

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Peter Hook & The Light
Webster Hall, New York, September 23

It’s a fact of growing older that the bands you loved as a kid are probably not going to age gracefully. Their once skinny leather-clad bodies

On Bowie
by Rob Sheffield

When 2016 finally comes to an end, it will forever be remembered as a year marred by the deaths of some of our greatest artists. Alan Vega, Bernie Worrell

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