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Maria Usbeck

Maria Usbeck’s solo debut, Amparo, is a record of subtle hooks and profound but complicated joy and wistfulness. Recorded with Chairlift’s Caroline

Hello Dollface
Warrior of Light

Hello Dollface’s new self-released record, Warrior of Light, takes its name from the inspirational writings of Paulo Coelho. It shares similar thematic material

Alarm Will Sound
Presents Modernists

Alarm Will Sound, the 21-piece chamber orchestra led by Alan Pierson, brings its full power to bear on Alarm Will Sound Presents Modernists. These six

Eric Ambel

Eric Ambel’s new record Lakeside, his first since 2005’s Knucklehead, is named for the beloved roots rock locus in New York he co-owned and, in the cover

Big Ears Festival
Knoxville, March 31–April 3

Big Ears Festival in Knoxville scratches an itch no other American festival quite does. Ashley Capps, one of the creators of Bonnaroo, brings some of the most

Anna Meredith

With her debut pop record, Varmints, classical composer Anna Meredith plays with ghosts to conjure the heartbeat of today. It’s a thoughtful record that


Combining the heavy rhythms of stoner rock, vocals that are a mix of Howlin’ Wolf growl and lighter harmonies, surging guitar and organ, and a

Ultimate Care II

Matmos step back from the brevity and the easily digestible song structures of their last few records to deeply engage with materiality again on their

Nathaniel Bellows
The Old Illusions

Nathaniel Bellows’ The Old Illusions casts this acclaimed poet and librettist in a singer-songwriter mode reminiscent of Greg Brown. His lush, warm baritone

Winter Jazzfest
New York, January 15–16

Now in its 12th year, New York’s Winter Jazzfest has become one of the preeminent jazz events in the country. Spreading the fest’s events out over a

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