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The Hard Stuff
by Wayne Kramer

Let it be known: the Motor City really did burn. There really was revolution, dope, and fucking in the streets. And the MC5 really did kick out some jams. Delivering

What a Time to Be Alive

It’s fair to say that over their near 30-year career Superchunk has never made a bad album. That’s notable for just about any band, let alone one completely left

Various Artists
Synthesize the Soul

While a working understanding of the varied diaspora of the Cape Verde islands in the context of late 20th century post-colonial Africa and pre-EU

I Am Brian Wilson
by Brian Wilson with Ben Greenman

Thanks in large part to the long-running touring version of the band led by Mike Love, the Beach Boys’ reputation as the musical

Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties

Despite having been broken up for nearly eight years, 2016 has been a big year for The Hunches. Almost Ready records released a set of shelved demos, marking

Those Pretty Wrongs
Those Pretty Wrongs

There's a simple, plaintive track about perseverance and moving through life called “Lucky Guy” on Those Pretty Wrongs’ eponymous debut LP that works as a

Saturday Night Fever

As one of the founding members of New Zealand’s long-running and highly lauded Dead C, Michael Morley is royalty within the kiwi experimental

Staff Picks of 2015: Nate Knaebel

Agit Reader head honcho Stephen Slaybaugh recently asked me if I heard anything in 2015 that really moved me, and my response was, “No, not really.” Yet here I am, able to name 30 different full-length new releases and reissues that genuinely did stir me this year. I suppose I answered hastily. I truly believe there’s always great stuff out there if you want it. …

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs
Coulda Shoulda Woulda

While Holly Golightly is frequently given the moniker of “the queen of UK garage rock,” or some derivation thereof, for awhile now her records

Grown Up, Fucked Up

At the time of his tragic death from an overdose in 2010, Jay Reatard was releasing jangly pop songs inspired by the likes of The Clean and Chris Knox.

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