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Mac DeMarco
Here Comes the Cowboy

Thanks to a special kind of charisma and an excellent run of early releases (Rock and Roll Night Club, 2, and Salad Days), Mac DeMarco became a titan in indie

Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning

For Cloud Nothings, last year’s Life Without Sound was intentionally meant to be a different album. It was a scary thought, especially considering the strength of

The Men

For a long stretch of their career, The Men never lacked for identity, despite making a gargantuan shift to their sound. In their first phase (through Leave

Every Little Thought

In 2017, hip-hop surpassed rock as our country’s most popular genre. It’s hard to be surprised, after all, is there any modern rock artist out there of Kendrick

Slaughter Beach, Dog

It’s hard not to feel apprehensive about listening to albums from side projects. Frequently, these projects are critical tossups; even if the band

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
The Echo of Pleasure

There’s one sure thing for which you have to give The Pains of Being Pure at Heart a great deal of credit: introducing the most buoyant parts of ’80s new

Mac DeMarco
This Old Dog

A large part of Mac DeMarco’s appeal—his goofiness, in particular—can be seen in his music videos. The most memorable one might be for Salad Days’

Black Lips
Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?

For most of their career, the Black Lips have been anything but tepid. Over the course of six solid albums ranging from their raw self-titled 2003 debut

Cloud Nothings
Life Without Sound

Early on, Cloud Nothings seemed like they were on the verge of falling in line with the recent pop-punk/emo resurgence, a la Modern Baseball or

Staff Picks of 2016: Matthew Lovett

Best Rock Songs of 2016

In 2016, the best rock music went emo. (And no, there were no nostalgic homages to Fall Out Boy.) Though of course some artists are more deserving of this designation than others, emo was never about observing any aesthetic; it was more or less about ripping hearts out. Headlined by the likes of The Hotelier’s Goodness, Pinegrove’s Cardinal, …

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