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If you've followed along, the first cut on Foxygen's long-awaited fifth album, “Follow the Leader,” is the payoff, everything you've hoped for from a band

Staff Picks of 2016: Kevin J. Elliott

Top 10 Albums

10. The Lemon Twigs, Do Hollywood (4AD)
If you know where to look, there has never been a drought of the fanciful, orchestrated, power pop of bands like 10cc and ELO. Sure, there are the Flaming Lips and…

Ultimate Painting

Jack Cooper and James Hoare, the duo comprising Ultimate Painting, call a bustling neighborhood in North London home. It’s where they exist, where

Mike Rep and the Quotas

It certainly wasn't the fifth beer or the extreme mid-August Ohio heat that brought on the fever dream a few weeks back. The epiphanic reaction that


One of the more discouraging trends of 21st century music has undoubtedly been the increased deconstruction of metal into nth degree

Staff Picks of 2015: Kevin J. Elliott

Top 10 Albums

10. Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Style (Matador Records)
Given the dearth of rock records on this year’s list, it’s easy to assume we need more guys like 22 year-old Will Toledo in our lives.…

Ultimate Painting

New Zealand is a thing. When you're describing music, it's a thing you use to describe certain music. And what is the definable NZ sound, you may ask. Well

Silent Kill

It’s a tough task to try to define or even place punk in the 21st century. If only because I was never punk, I don't feel like punk is a salvation, but I do feel


Everyday in Brooklyn—Williamsburg, to be more specific—hundreds of wannabe career musicians are wallowing down a boulevard of broken

Built to Spill
Untethered Moon

There's a constant debate among my music snob peers as to whether our '90s obsessions—Pavement, GBV, Olivia Tremor Control, Bjork—will stand the test

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