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Rumba Cafe, Columbus, August 2

On this particular late-summer Tuesday night, the field felt abuzz. Regardless of where you place the needle in our current timeline—still in a


Martin Fry of ABC

Martin Fry, the voice and sole remaining member of ABC, is a man of no regrets. The affected schmaltz, the gold lamé suits, the saxophones, and the earnest odes to Motown were all parts of the grand design envisioned when the group evolved out of Vice Versa in 1981. While Vice Versa featured minimal electronics and obtuse lyrics in keeping with other Sheffield bands of …

Wet Leg
A&R Music Bar, Columbus, March 5

If generating hype was a sport, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, the Isle of Wight duo known as Wet Leg, would be World Cup

Nelsonville Music Festival
Hocking College, Nelsonville, June 6–9

I’ve already written at length about the uniqueness of the Nelsonville Music Festival in the lead-up to this year’s fest, so I promised myself

Nelsonville Music Festival 2019

One of the most anticipated weekends on the calendar for Ohio music fans, the Nelsonville Music Festival will be kicking off their 15th year at Robbins Crossing

Rumba Cafe, Columbus, May 5

I’ve had the good fortune to see Philadelphia’s Empath twice in the last month. Of course there was the pedigree built-in that initially drew my attention.


It’s hard to believe that it’s taken more than two decades for the iconoclast known as Björk to finally reach utopia. For many, the mere mention of the Björk

Ariel Pink
El Club, Detroit, October 29

I keep coming back to a concert video of Frank Zappa in Barcelona on his last tour in 1988. Wearing harem pants and a frumpy, white, suburban-dad Baja

Northside Festival
Brooklyn, June 8–11

It’s hard to believe the Northside Festival just celebrated its first decade. Despite enduring some growing pains over the years—venues that didn't

Introducing… Rays


Oakland, California’s Rays are a fairly typical indie band. They look the part, play the part, run around with other bands who do the same, and get loads of redundant comparisons to the Flying Nun and C-86 jangle pop that undoubtedly clogs their record collections. But it’s the way the quartet—Eva Hannan on bass, Troy Hewitt on guitar, Stanley Martinez on guitar, and Alexa Pantalone …

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