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The Langley Schools Music Project
Innocence & Despair

There are things you can’t predict: the return of the Flat Earth Society, “raw water,” Three 6 Mafia winning an Oscar, etc. In that vein, who would think

The Thread That Keeps Us

Calexico has always been quietly more ambitious than you might believe. Over the course of two decades, they’ve constantly pushed the borders of what


After 20 years in the game, Eminem is at an interesting place in his career. At this point, everyone has seen all this tricks. Meanwhile, rap radio has changed a lot

Sylvan Esso
What Now

There was no way to foresee a band like Sylvan Esso before they actually appeared. Coming from North Carolina, a state not known as a hotbed for

Wooden Wand
Clipper Ship

To call James Jackson Toth prolific is an understatement. A brief glance at his catalog shows a body of work that may seem daunting to anyone who


While change is inevitable—especially over the course of 20 years—Danish band Mew had its hand forced when founding guitarist Bo Madsen left in 2015

Mark Lanegan Band

No disrespect, but who would have thought that Screaming Trees alumnus Mark Lanegan would turn out to be the versatile journeyman he’s become


For too long in America, electronic music has been boiled down to either fist-in-the-air Day-Glo EDM, or more broadly what’s commonly labeled as

The Mavericks
Brand New Day

Although The Mavericks have been slotted in the country category for the majority of their existence, the Floridian band’s sound has always been more

Ryan Adams

Since leaving Whiskeytown to go solo, Ryan Adams has been hard to pin down. At first it seemed he would go the expected acoustic singer-songwriter route

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