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Underground Arts, Philadelphia, June 29

With Bell Witch being forced to cancel at the last minute due to a medical emergency, Black Urn got bumped into the main support slot. The

Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, June 18

It seems like local psych rock warriors Gondola have been supporting every big bill of the lysergic variety in town: they previously played


Blueprint, a.k.a. Printmatic, a.k.a. Albert Shepard, wears more hats than he has names. He emerged from Columbus, Ohio in the late ‘90s to create some of the most enduring underground hip-hop albums of the first decade of the new millennium as a producer with Greenhouse Effect, as a rapper with Soul Position (a partnership with RJD2), and also as a solo artist with 10 albums …

Witch Mountain
Witch Mountain

It was a shock when Uta Plotkin left Portland doomsayers Witch Mountain in September of 2014. The vocalist had become nearly synonymous with the

First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, May 17

In the span of four albums, Iceage has gone from Nihilistic hardcore teenagers led by a singer with a drinking problem to

Alice Bag, Blueprint
Bush Tetras, Take the Fall

Punk rock was still genuinely dangerous as the ‘70s melted away into the ‘80s. Even in major cities like Los Angeles and New York, being a punk meant being

Underground Arts, Philadelphia, April 23

Openers Freak Heat Waves are the aural equivalent to Xanax. Drummer Thomas Di Ninno played along to prerecorded drums as part


It’s impossible to discuss No More Censorship without pointing out that Dave Grohl was the drummer, though there are many popular misconceptions that

Castration Anxiety

Heather Gabel isn’t hiding from anyone. Not anymore. She and percussionist Seth Sher are quite blunt throughout Castration Anxiety, the duo’s debut

Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, April 13

Openers Death Valley Girls look and sound like they stepped out of a ‘80s cartoon about what a rock band should look and

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