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Metal By Any Other Name

Encyclopedia Metallum is an excellent resource for all things metal—except when it’s not. While the website does a fantastic job cataloging more than 100,000 bands (and

The Fillmore, Philadelphia, July 20

If you had a dollar for every disparaging word posted on the internet about Ghost, you could retire a very wealthy person. Factor in legitimate concerns over


Listening to Burst, it’s not that shocking that Brutus begin life as a Refused cover band. The Belgian trio emulates the standard bearing Shape of Punk

Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, July 16

Tonight’s opening bands encapsulated both extremes of the noise spectrum, starting with the local Mob Terror, who merge equal

Grind! Sludge! Doom!
All the Good Things!

The Foundry is a smaller room upstairs from The Fillmore, part of a corporate complex of Live Nation venues including a comedy club. This tour stop just

Ti Bon Ange

In Voodoo belief, the soul is made of two parts. The ti bon ange, literally “little good angel,” is the part of the soul that contains the individual qualities of a

The Church
Ardmore Music Hall, Philadelphia, July 6

The Ardmore Music Hall is an intimate room that feels like two completely different venues. It has the vibe of a classy old school theater

Metal to Keep You on Garde

It’s fair to say that heavy metal was co-opting classical and jazz even before there was a name for it. Deep Purple helped invent metal in the ‘70s, but before churning out

The Novelty of Metal

Some metalheads take this shit way too seriously. They look at novelty metal bands and scoff at the concept forgetting that the almighty Venom used Satan as shtick, that many a

The Moods of Metal

Depressive black metal and doom metal are genres stereotypically steeped in darkness—and not without good reasons. But man cannot live on dread alone. Witness Farsot, a German

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